Cozy Toes.

For quite a while I've been wanting a little sleep sack for Squishy, and at first I kinda toyed with the idea of knitting one, but with so many other projects going on that seemed like it would take way too long, so, I ended up sewing one, and it turned out just right. 

It's fully lined, and pretty big, so I think it will last for this winter, and maybe even the following one. And keep her little toes warm on cold winter nights. 

She looks pretty excited about it as well, don't you think?


  1. She's so "stink'in" cute Rosie! Aren't babies just the best gift ever?
    Our youngest of four is now almost 17, and I'm sure your own mother has told you how fast this time will go. I remember my children having that same caterpillar book. Enjoy, ENJOY! She is precious!!

    Merry Christmas!

    (I scoot on over here often from Katy's blog / The Country Blossom)

  2. So cute and cozy!! Your little girl is just adorable!!

  3. It looks like a great sack! :) I like the buttons! And little Adri's goodness are they beautiful with that sparkly blue color! :) Children are *such* blessings!


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