Adri turns 6 months old.

Our little one is six months old today! I still can't believe it. They say that around six months they really start to get their own personalities. And (at least in our case) that's totally true! In the past week or so Adri has really changed so much.

She rolls over, crawls, says "Dadda", sleeps through the night, dances, and can stand up by herself against furniture.

She still loves the kitties, baths, Baby Einstein (she watches it in the morning while I clean the house), walks, riding in the jogger, and people, people, people. We have the friendliest little soul I've ever met! She has smiles for everyone.

She giggles and laughs, and is hardly ever grumpy. She loves waking up early, and loves the cuddle. She gets giggling really hard, and then we start to laugh because it's just so cute. She says "ugh" and kicks the floor with her fat little legs if she thinks we're ignoring her!

Truly it's an incredible, wonderful, marvelous thing. This great honor to be raising a tiny human :) 

p.s pictures are from our afternoon walk on Sunday.


  1. What joy a little person brings! Happy 6th month birthday! What a delight! Beautiful pictures! :)

  2. Hi Christina! Yes, she's so wonderful, and SO much fun! And the time flies by so fast, it's crazy. and a little sad too...

    Have a lovely day!


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