Our weekly routine.

I'm back! Life was busy for the past few days, and that means pretty much the first thing I take a break from is blogging. Good news is, I never stop taking pictures, so there are still plenty in this post ;)

Anyway, reason #1 for being busy. Adam took the day off work, yesterday. So the result was we extend the weekend a little longer and had some nice family time. Now things are back to normal, and our daily routine.

Speaking of routine. I figured after talking about my cleaning routine,  and my daily routine, I'd share how our week (usually!) goes.

Monday: It's my catching-up-after-the-weekend. I wash laundry, clean the house, clean bathrooms, etc. I tend to like Mondays (fresh start to a new week), and I get a lot done.

Tuesday:It's the day Wee One and I go to the library, send mail out/pick up mail. I do extras like cleaning cat boxes, washing fish tanks out, put away the(now)dry laundry hanging on the drying racks, and such stuff. Oh, and for some reason I always make a nice dinner on Tuesdays (don't ask me why, or how). Tonight is this, with baked beans and brown rice. 

Wednesday:Ha. Good old Hump Day. It's running errands, visiting the family up in Wesleytown, and stopping at the grocery store for middle-of-the-week needs.

Thursday:and Friday:I usually work on crafty projects, and items for the Shop on these days. I don't work either of these days (I work nights. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and some Saturday mornings). So the house gets kinda messy, and I let my creative side go loose! lol

Saturday:Saturdays we sleep in, I make a yummy breakfast. We go to the thrift store, and Adam watches the Midget while I get to go for a run all on my own. Sometimes we go up to Wesleytown and visit, depending on weather, etc.

Sunday:We sleep in, go to Church, and take a walk. Sometimes we all three go in the kitchen and make lots of good food (other times it's just me in the kitchen, making good food). Not much else happens. A nice lazy day for us.

And there you have it! Pretty much how I spend my week. Although things can tend to change at any moment...you know...that thing called L.I.F.E ;)