The day after.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving--I know we sure did! Filled with lots of food, family, and fun.
It was so nice to have almost all the family there to spend the day together.

On Wednesday I whipped up a little Thanksgiving dress (see above) for Adri. It fit her perfectly and she looked so cute and grownup in it. She was the Little Pink Princess :)

I ended up not taking too many pictures. I was just enjoying the day and sometimes (as nice as pictures are) I like to try and just sink everything in, and enjoy the moment, rather than trying to capture it on film for later.

Anyway, here you go!


 This morning it was so nice out (in the 50s!), that Julia, Elyse (Stan Lee's girlfriend) and I all went for a little stroll at the nearby nature center. So nice and refreshing (and a good way to get rid of those extra pounds gained yesterday!).

My sleepy little walking buddy. She was so tired out from all the visiting yesterday!

Alrighty, that's about it! I had to work for a bit earlier, and help decorate the library for Christmas (it looks so pretty and cheerful now), and am heading out to go see Mockingjay Part 2 with Julia (Adam is being the best, as usual, and watching Midget). I'm so excited and can hardly wait!

Now, let the Christmas festivities begin! 


  1. I love your family's beautiful Thanksgiving table:) Beautiful table settings make my heart happy..


  2. So happy you had such a nice holiday with your family! I enjoyed seeing pictures of some of them - Wesley's littles are getting so big, and is that Julia? So grown up and gorgeous! Adri looked so cute - and like a "big girl" - in that new dress you made for her. Hope she is feeling much better after her cold. Thanks for sharing your sweet baby, family, and days with us! Ann

  3. How nice. I love her little dress and what a beautiful place you live in!

  4. Thanks for the pics! Everyone looks good. What a sweet little dress,and that purple had is adorable!:)
    Have fun! Christina

  5. what a cute little dress you made for seeing the family..too bad you didnt include your lovely mom..miss her blog so much..
    have a great Sunday.


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