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So, It's Friday, and I've got some more good stuff from around the web. I'm gonna have to make this quick though, because there is a Small Person sitting on the couch next to me, gently stroking my arm, waiting to go for a walk :)

Anyway. Yesterday was busy! I got a ton of deep cleaning done in the bedroom, and even sorted through all my shoes. Oh, and for dinner we tried out the new restaurant down below us, and got calzones. Sadly, it was kinda a let down. The food was okay, but not great. We'll give their subs a try though, before we ditch the place altogether ;)

We don't really have much planned for the weekend. I have to work tomorrow morning, we have to go grocery shopping at some point, and then we are going up to Wesleytown to celebrate Stan Lee and Nicholai's birthdays.

Now. On to the links: 

+I've been finding some good Thanksgiving related stuff around the web, and thought this was a pretty neat idea: The Turkey Ticket.

+hey, let's be real. At some point this winter I know that we're going to get colds here. It's best to plan ahead ;) Home Remedies For Colds.

+is anyone else in love with Adele's new song?

+The Norwegian Secret For Enjoying A Long Winter. Ever wonder how they do it? Now you know! P.s. And, having visited Norway, I can vouch for the accuracy of this.

+and, lastly, Perfect Pork Chops.

“Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine” - Joan Clarke-The Imitation Game.

Have a happy Friday, and a fantastic weekend!


  1. I loved that Norway the way have you read Kirsten Lavrensdatter?

    It is an AMAZING book set in Norway. My Great Grandfather came directly to America from Norway so I have a huge interest in the country and would LOVE to visit.

    Enjoy your walk with the wee one. :)

  2. Hi Shanda, yes, I have read Kirsten Lavrensdatter! It was YEARS ago though, so I really should read it again.
    That so cool that you're part Norwegian! I am too (and part Swedish). Norway is so pretty, I'm sure you'd love it if you are able to make the trip some day! :)


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