Everything but the kitchen sink.

Yup, the title of this post says it all. The past few days have been busy ones!
I had work on Saturday, and then I went out to do a bit of grocery shopping.
Yesterday was so sunny and warm. We went up to Wesleytown and celebrated Nicholai and Stan Lee's birthday. Mama made delicious b.b.q venison meatballs, and we had yummy chocolate cake. It's always so nice to have family gathered together :)
Julia took a few pictures of Adam, Adri and me together (last time we had a family picture was when Adri was three months old!). I've decided that a family picture of all three of us looking at the camera are just NOT going to happen. At least we got two out of three looking the right way.

I'm sitting in my p.js right now (okay, it's still only 7:30), but as soon as I get up I'm going to finish picking up the house, wash the dishes, go for a walk with Midget, and put some beans and onion in the crock-pot to cook.

Speaking of cooking. I've been checking out new cook books and trying to find new recipes. I feel like we're kinda stuck in a meat/potatoes, stir fry/rice rut. Anyone have any good, easy recipe ideas?

Okay, that's it! Now. I'm off to get started on my day.


  1. Great family picture:). I'm trying to cook more healthy,and have found several good ones on pinterest that my family actually eats.

  2. Adri and Adam have the same color eyes! Amazing color!

    Sweet to see photos of Wesleytown. How I wish Jewels was still blogging! Miss her so.

    The littles are growing up. My Kyle is 10 now. He was a toddler when I first 'met' you all through the blog.

    Are you having the same mild weather we are having?


  3. Beautiful photos! Please give your mom a hug for me when you see her next. She is one of my favorite people on the planet (we have never met in person but someday there will be a very nice tea party in Eternity).

  4. Christina, I should go and look around on Pinterest! I usually do, but I haven't been on there for awhile!

  5. Hi Deanna, yes,m they do have the same color eyes :) I know, I miss my mom blogging too! I keep telling her she has to get back to it :) I saw a cute picture a few weeks ago on Pinterest, and then after I started to Pin it realized it was Celiesa! lol She has gotten so big since my mom started blogging!

  6. Hi Brenda, thank-you :) And I will give my mom a great big hug for you! ox

  7. how many stitches did you cast on the baby hat? she is lovely

  8. Lulu, a friend knit the hat for Adri, so I don't have any idea. I'm guessing it about 62-64 stitches though :)
    And thank-you!


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