after the weekend, sick babe, and holiday prep.

Wow. The weekend went flying by in a flash! 
Friday night all of the older siblings got together at our place (everyone is here for Thanksgiving) and we had a wonderful time hanging out, playing poker, and eating turkey soup. 
Saturday we were just plain lazy. Adam took a long nap, Midget and I went went for a walk, and we watched wayyy to many episodes of Hart Of Dixi (me), and Storage Wars (both of us). 

Then came Sunday. Adri was up at the crack of dawn (5:30 am), we went to church, went out grocery shopping, to the thrift store, and got new Christmas jammies for the Small Person.

Then today the poor little person woke up crying with a cold. Huh. I've tried SO hard to not let her get a cold! She's all stuffed up, and sniffling. Therefore we are planning on spending the whole day long cuddling on the couch. 

All the holiday preparations are in full swing!  We are getting ready for the big family Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, with lots of turkey, stuffing and pie. I got my Snapfish order (LOVE Snapfish) the other day and am getting ready to send out Christmas cards. I got Adri a little Advent Calendar when out shopping yesterday, and I'm planning on decorating early this year--as soon as Thanksgiving is over. Yeah, so lots of stuff is happening.

Oh, and don't forget to enter in my giveaway, if you haven't yet--it's still got four days left!

I'm still working on Adri's collage of all her cards, and hospital stuff.

Pretty much exactly what all day Saturday looked like ;)

The sick little one, snoozing away.

Friday night: so proud to be riding on Daddy's shoulders.

Just all that cuteness. I feel so bad for her that she's sick :(


  1. Hope the cutie gets better quick
    Do you have a vaporizer? Have a wonderful time with your family! Christina

  2. Adri really is *so* cute!!! Such a sweet face she has! So sorry to hear she is under the weather!

  3. Christina, thank-you! Yes, she is starting to feel better today. No, we don't have one, but really need to get one...:)

  4. Thanks, Deanna! Yes, she's feeling much better today, and woke up singing "Dadda, Dadda, DADDA"! (I think she thought that Adam was still home) lol

  5. Katy, thanks :) She's feeling much better, and I'm SO happy--there's nothing worse than a small little person being all sniffly and sick :/

  6. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family!

    Sigh, I wish Stephanie was more like you. She has tons of digital photos of the kids but they rarely make them to hard copies. One of my all time favorite gifts was when she had a calendar made from photos taken when we vacationed at Colonial Williamsburg together one year.

    That baby of yours is SO adorable. I'm glad she is feeling better.


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