Adri turns five months.

Yes, I know I usually don't ever post on the weekend, but seeing that our little Miss turns five months today I had to just post these super cute pictures, and give a baby update :)
The Squishy is sitting up! And rolling over! And being cute and tiny, and drinking milk. She loves the kitties, reading, mommy and daddy, ALL her relatives, and any random passerby ;) (no kidding, she seriously LOVES people).

She still sleeps soundly every night, and still wakes up every morning the happiest person I know.
It's difficult to believe that five months ago she wasn't here. I can't imagine life without her.


One last note: that face. She makes it whenever she sees one of the cats. I think my mom taught it to her (thanks, mom ;)), and when she's making it she makes this super cute lil' snuffly sound. Hence her new nickname, Snuffle Pig ;)


  1. Shuffle pig is precious! Christina

  2. She is adorable. There is nothing greater than being a mother.

  3. She is adorable, such a precious babe! And those blue eyes! Wow!



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