Trip to the corn maze.

Yesterday morning Posie and I headed up to Wesleytown, picked up the Littles and we all went to the corn maze. We had a wonderful time, seeing all the animals, and the pumpkins, taking pictures, and wandering the maze. 
Posie was a little unhappy (see the photo above), due to the windiness, and the sunlight, but all in all she was a pretty good sport.

I worked earlier today, and after we took a little trip into town to go grocery shopping, and picked up pizza on the way home. Now we're settled in for the night, ready to take things easy.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Wesleytown to celebrate Aimajia's twelfth birthday. Wow. twelve. I guess the Littles  not so little anymore. How time does fly by.


  1. Lovely pictures! They have all grown so much over the years! I know that happens...but sometimes it is just so hard to accept. I can't believe Aimajia is going to be 12! I always new your littlest sis was super close in age to my Jaxson (he turns 10 in December) but I never realized Aimajia was close in age to my Xavier (who turned 12 in August). :)

    Thanks for sharing all the photos! It looks like it was a really pretty day and a fun time! :)

  2. Looks like lots of fun! Beautiful mama and babe! Have a wonderful weekend! Christina

  3. It's so crazy how quickly the kids grow up!

    Happy Birthday to Aimajia!

    Sophia is so tall!


  4. Hi Katy! That's neat, I guess I didn't realize that your kids were so close in age to our youngest either! lol We had such a fun time! Sometimes it's nice for me to get to hang out with them, just by myself-there are usually so many other people around :) ox

  5. Awww, thanks Christina :) we had such a great time. it was SO nice out too! the perfect weather.

  6. Deanna, yes, I still am shocked at how TALL they all are! Sophia is taller than me now! And Nicolai is about 6' 6" right now, I believe!

  7. Hello there, new to your blog, I clicked on it via Pinterest when I was looking at Aprons.. Anyhow great photos!


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