really truly over.

Yup, summer is over, and it feels like even fall is on it's way out too. We got our snow (about an inch!) over the weekend, and it's still pretty frosty out there. Side note:we turned the heat on for the first time this year over the weekend! 

Friday night was poker night over here, and Stan Lee, Julia, Dad and the Littles all came over. Saturday we went up to Wesleytown to visit, and while there we cleaned out the winter squash and pumpkins from the garden. Yesterday I bundled the Wee One up and we went to church. She is SO big at church, loves all the singing, and sits quietly--I do take her out during the service to nurse so she can fall asleep, as church falls right at nap time. After church I deep cleaned the house, and then we made quiche, bread and key lime pie for dinner and watched some of the latest show we are into (Hell On Wheels, for the curious).

Anyway, it ended up being a bit busier weekend than I had planned, but still a wonderful one.

Below, pictures from the past few days. 


  1. The littles aren't so little anymore! My 'little' is now 10! Time flies!

    We have other friends who live in the Finger Lakes region and they had snow too! We had our first frost last night and a bit of sleet/snow mix in the afternoon yesterday. Tonight it will be in the 20's so we are going to get a hard freeze. The gardens are done for the year!

    Your Posie is so precious!


  2. Beautiful photos! I made a delicious quiche over the weekend also! I don't often make them, as I feel lazy to make enough for 8 people ;) husband was SO happy with it! Mmmm. :)

  3. Always fun reading about your days. Your home is so pretty and cozy.

    Hope your week is going well.

  4. Hi Deanna! Yes, the little ones have all gotten so big!It's warmed here today, but I'm pretty sure it's just the calm before the (snow) storm! lol

  5. Hi Amy! I make quiche about once a week-we are both big fans of it. Although, at one point, when I was pregnant I got so into making them that we had quiche THREE times in one week...Adam (very nicely) hinted that as much as he loves it, maybe I could make something else for a while. lol
    I agree though, if I was making it for 8 I probably would not be making it as often!

  6. Your home photos always look so beautiful and cozy and remind me of the photos your Mom used to post. Reading her blog back when I was first married and beginning mothering definitely made a huge impact on me. I can hardly believe you've had snow already! We've been pretty balmy here in Michigan and I'm hoping for a warm winter.


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