Like every gal I have a lot of clothes. Way too many-and I've always liked it that way. 

Then, all the sudden I started realizing that I wore so few of them. So, when I moved into my apartment, after moving back from Vermont, I got rid of a tote crate full of clothes. Then, while I was pregnant, I got rid of a bunch more. After we moved into our new place that we're in now, I got rid of a few more. Yesterday I pulled out the last remaining things I haven't worn/won't wear, and my closet is much emptier.

My method is pretty simple. If I haven't worn it in a year (or two!) then it goes. Well, unless it's something I really like, and I just haven't worn it because I haven't had the right occasion, or doesn't fit at the moment. 

I still have a lot of clothes, but now I only have ones that I wear (or love!).

Also, I think I need to re-fold everything ...

On the top, left to right: jeans/pants/shorts (I really need to try and get rid of a few more pairs), summer shirts (short sleeve and tanks), long sleeve shirts, jeans that fit right now (still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight yet :/), yoga pants/leggings, exercise clothes/pajamas, and sweaters/vests.

On the bottom, left to right: coats, my big wool cardigans, skirts, and at the end all my slings, and baby carriers.

Not pictured is a tote crate full of dresses I can't currently wear (due to nursing!), skirts and shirts that don't fit right now, and a bunch of linen skirts and shirts that I love, but don't wear right now because I hate ironing. Also there are a few more sweaters, and a crate full of maternity clothes.

Now, that's it. I promise.


  1. I go thru clothes regularly. My clothes, and the kids. I've lost weight,so I've gotten rid of some. Kids grow,so theirs go. I have donated , given to church for thoes who need them,or given them straight to a recipient whom I knew could use them. I love giving the things I cannot use anymore to someone else who can. My closet is kind of sparse but it's ok. Someone else can hopefully use what we outgrew.

  2. Good for you!! I bet it feels so good to pair down. I love a simple wardrobe and it makes getting ready each day so easy.

    Hugs to you all.


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