Four months.

Wee One with her "Gentle Giant" {Nicholai}.

Our tiny little lady is four months old today. Wow. I can't believe it. Seems like just the other day we were in the hospital, marveling over her newborn cuteness!

Miss Adri is one of the happiest, most social people, EVER. She smiles, and talks, coos, and visits. She loves everyone, and everything (minus the doctor--the only person she has ever NOT liked!).
Her current little list of accomplishments is as follows:

+rolling over.



+wriggling around on her back to get to different places.

+standing on her two little fat legs, with just a bit of support from mommy and daddy.

+gently stroking mama's face with her hand.

+almost sitting up by herself {she sits for a sec, and then does the whole leaning-over-until-shes-on-her-side- thing}.

Oh, and she loves to play with her toys! Her current favorite is her blue monkey, but she is also really into anything she can chew on right now.

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  1. Adorable!

    You forgot to add: growing *red* hair.


  2. Adri is such a beautiful baby. Her eyes are amazing!!

    Love seeing your brother hold her.

    Happy 4 months precious Adri!!

  3. Precious! Christina does her hair look red?

  4. I just had the most delightful browse through your last several blog posts. What a beautiful life you have, Dear! I'm so glad you share the beauties with us here! Kisses to that sweet baby girl! 🌸

  5. So sweet! I saw a photo of Nicholai and I was amazed at how tall he is!



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