fall layers, ready for the weekend, and a link list.

For the weekend: We have a busy one coming up! Autumn party, repair work on the car, grocery shopping, and (best of all) Daylight Savings ends! I'm kinda looking forward to waking up on Sunday morning and hitting that clock back an hour!

as usual, we have some fun/interesting links, gathered from around the web:

Okay, so I love noodles, and here we have a yummy homemade (and healthy) version!

More good reasons to carry your your little one.

Hosting a taco party. I love this idea, and I think next week (or the following one), I'm going to have some friends over and feast on tacos!

"Portraits of Auto Mechanics Are a Homage to Renaissance Paintings." I thought this was a pretty neat idea, and rather cool.

as for the outfit:

It's cold now, and I've been trying to stay warm and bundle up as much as possible! This week in particular it got even colder, and has been pretty gray and rainy out. 
The one rule I have to staying toasty is laying! I have a few vests that are super warm, but are also pretty and feminine. I love to wear them with skirts and pants. Oh, and of course one of my big wool sweaters!  

The vest I'm wearing is probably my favorite one. It's from Ann Taylor and it fit me while I was pregnant (well, up to seven months), and didn't get stretched out at all! 


Okay, that's it! Have a happy Friday, and an awesome, fun weekend!


  1. Pretty layers!:) the taco party sounds like alot of fun! Hope you take pics. Have a great weekend,and stay warm. :) Christina

  2. Christina, I did get a few pictures, but we ended up being so busy, and it got dark so fast that I didn't take as many as I'd have liked too :( We had a wonderful time though!


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