Up {in Wesleytown}

Wednesdays are our running errands day. I load the car with trash (for the landfill), diaper bag, purse, Wee One, and the camera and off we go. We get rid of the garbage first (for obvious reasons), get groceries, stop at the $Store and then make our way up to Wesleytown. The Midget gets lots of lovin', and I get to visit with some of my favorite people. It's one of the highlights of the week, and we always have so much fun. Even when the weather is back to it's high temps, and we are all hot and sticky. Notice the cats in the last picture? Just sitting being lazy, and staying cool.

So...on another note: we are moving! Okay, maybe not quite as big a deal as it sounds, as it's still in the same building, and pretty much across the hall, but way more space. So, that means I'm really excited. And going to be really busy. Of course I plan on enlisting the help of the gang (I'll bribe them with promises of homemade pizza!).

Wee One has been teething like crazy. I have a feeling that there are going to be some new pearly whites appearing at some point in the near future! We have this on it's way in the mail, and hopefully she'll have a bit of relief soon.

I can't believe that autumn is on it's way! It was super cold the other day, as in, wear-a-sweater-cold. But now it's warmed back up (I'm not complaining at all!), and back to feeling like summer.

Oh, and I found a couple neat links the other day.

+ I really wanna to figure out how he did these photos and do a similar photo shoot.

+The Definition Of Hell For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type. This is so funny. Even more funny because it's SO accurate!

+Julia sent me the link to this couple that basically lives in the Victorian Era. In 2015. Pretty cool.

Now I'm off. I have a kitchen to clean, dinner to plan (I'm being a bit lazy and procrastinating today), things to drop off at the library, and a package to mail out. 


  1. "The Day Away" as my children call it, is the highlight of each week. It's fun to grocery shop, stop by the thrift stores, and drop in to see Grandma. Your day sounds just perfect. Family is a blessing to have. Keep them close.

    So happy for you! A larger apartment will be great....it's hard to believe that adding just one little one would make such a BIG deal!?!? ;)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm definitely going to check out thoes links. I'm an infj. 5 percent of the population! Lol. What are you? A bigger apartment! Yay!

  3. Hi Kim, yes, I know, the one we have right now is pretty big (as apartments go), but with the Wee One (and ALL our books! lol) it's starting to just a tiny bit cramped. This new one is basically two big studios, and has lots more storage space--I'm pretty excited! lol

  4. Christina, I'm a ISTP! :) And yes! More space--YAY!

  5. Rosie,
    Love seeing the pictures of baby Adri with your sister. So very sweet. Thanks for the links. I'm happy for you and Adam with your new apartment...I know you guys will love it.

    Have a blessed weekend.

    Oh, it's so fun having you comment back to us. Very kind of you.

  6. I love that Versions of Hell article. What is your M-B profile?


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