These hot summer days.

It's near the end of summer, and it's still so, so, SO hot. Inside, outside, and all around.
We have been busy enjoying these last days before wind, cold, and snow hit. They have been full of food, baby, coffee, heat, swimming, thrifting, sunshine, reading, and trying to stay cool!

Below are a bunch of photos from our days...a random collection, both from Alice, and my phone. 


{at Adam's brother's wedding. 
from left to right: Grandpa, Grandma, Adam's dad, Adam's (step) mom, brother, sister, brother-in-law, Adam, and me (holding Squishy in the carrier)!}


  1. Such beauty!

    Hopefully a cool down is on it's way. Posie is a beauty.

    Lots of love

  2. Things look lovely in your part of the world. You've made a lovely home there.

  3. Hi Deanna, yes, it's already cooler this morning! In fact, Posie and I are heading out the door for our morning walk and I think we'll have to wear long sleeves! :)

  4. Hi Joolz,
    Thank-you! I think I'm just starting to settle back in and have everything in order after the baby coming-and now we are moving again! lol It's too a bigger apartment, so I'm happy about that, but NOT looking forward to the upheaval!

  5. Yummy....those waffles look so delicious.

    Keep us updated on your move. I know you all will love having a bigger apartment. I know you will miss having Julia so close by though.



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