Some of my favorite Mama moments.

+ giving my Wee One a bath. She LOVES baths. She'll spend forever in the tub!

+ carrying my babe with me. Around the house, on walks, through the store. Everywhere.

+ waking up in the morning to the sweetest little one in the whole wide world.

+ all the crazy faces that little Midget makes.

+ pictures of the two of us. I'll be able to look back and show her all the things we did together, and say, "this time was when such and such happened".

+ running errands and always having my little pal to go with me.

+ watching as every day she learns something new. Last night Adam and I were marveling at how fast she is growing up.


  1. they grow up so fast... :)
    she's precious, but you already knew that little fact.
    you look wonderful - happy, content, glowing.

  2. She is growing so fast! You cherish every moment!:) you're a great mom! Christina

  3. Sherry, I know, it really is crazy how they change EVERY day! And thank-you! I think motherhood agrees with me ;) ox

  4. Christina, yes, time is really flying by! I was just looking at pictures of her as a newborn the other day and thinking how much she has changed already!


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