Ready for the weekend (and a few good links).

I'm curled up drinking coffee right now, Wee One is sleeping, and Adam is watching cartoons (ha!). Soon I'll have to drag myself up, to make breakfast, and get ready for work. Yes, I'm working today, and Daddy and Midget will get to hang out together, go for a a walk, and to the thrift store :)
Other than that, we have a lazy weekend ahead. Moving fish tanks, and rearranging stuff is all that I have on my schedule. 

+How to make your own hardtack. I'm pretty sure this would break teeth, but if anyone tries it, please be sure to let me know how it turns out! 

+Eat Your Way Through The UK.  Really neat, and some of the food looks pretty good.

+How Through A Downton Abbey Tea Party.  Because, well, who doesn't like Downton Abbey??

+How Baby Wearing Made Me Feel Like A Superhero. Yet another reason for babywearing--yay!!

+How to clean like a professional. Some good advice and helpful hints here. Gotta get all that Fall cleaning done, right?

+Ridiculous Words The Brits Call Foods. In case everyone thought we all called stuff by the same name...

+StoneGable House Tour.  Lots of lovely Fall decorating ideas here! 


  1. You look beautiful! Have a wonderful day! Christina

  2. In New Zealand: sausages = snarlers or snags. Cooler = chilly bin. Flip-flops = jandals. Sandwich = sarnie. Swimming costume = togs. Mosquito = mozzie. BBQ = barbie. Guy = bloke. Car trunk = boot. Car hood = bonnet. So many differences! Lol

  3. Beautiful picture of you Rosie. You look so happy and content.

  4. Thank you for sharing my cleaning tips!

  5. Murielle Joy, wow, that is quite a few differences! Personally, I like sarnie and barbie, way better than sandwich and BBQ :)

  6. Cathy, thanks, that's so sweet of you to say :) (and yes, I AM very happy and content).

  7. I love how you are leaving comments back for us Rosie...thanks!!


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