rainy, rainy Wednesday.

We have had a rainy week so far. I'm not complaining though, because we really did need it, as we've had far too little rain this year. I just pull out my mud boots, and continue life as usual. Adam, on the other hand, hates rain, and hides inside until the sun returns.

Today I'm on my way up to Wesleytown. We have relatives visiting for the day (Mama's aunt, uncle, and their husband, and wife) all the way from Wisconsin. It's been a few years since we've seen them so we are pretty excited!
 Yesterday Adam, Squishy and I took a little trip out to town to run errands. Some things for the apartment, a couple cute succulents (to add to the house plant collection), and Chinese food for dinner. On the spur of the moment family outings are the best!
Now I'm off to tidy things up, feed Little Miss Wee, and prepare to head out.

"let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. it will not lead you astray."

"we can love completely without complete understanding."
a river runs through it


  1. I always look so forward to your blog posts.

    Wishing you a blessed day today. Have fun with your family.


  2. Your daughter is so darling! So serious and attentive to the world!Blessings to you all....

  3. Sweet picture! Have fun with your family! :) Christina

  4. Love your desk! I just found the cutest little desk at a thrift store...a bit overpriced, but I couldn't resist. I'm calling it my Jane Austen desk. It isn't nice and big like yours, but it makes up for it's small size in charm! :)

  5. Thanks Cathy! We had a wonderful time, it was a short visit, but we fit a lot into it! :)

  6. Kristi, awww, thanks :) She IS super alert, she looks around at everything and smiles all the time!

  7. Thanks Christina! We had so much fun! It was really great :)

  8. Amy, that sounds really nice! I think it's totally worth paying a bit "too much" for a really great piece of furniture--a good piece can last almost forever, right?? My mom and dad gave Adam and me my desk as a Christmas present last year, it's made out of marble (yes, it weighs a TON!)and it's one of my favorite things that we own :)

  9. So glad you had a good time Rosie.

    Thanks for posting back to us!!


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