Labor Day picnic, with the family.

Yesterday we drove up to Wesleytown, for a picnic with the family. It did feel a bit strange, because with Claire, Wesley, and now Joe (he moved just a month ago) all back in New England, and Stan Lee working, it was a rather small gathering of The Clan.

We had fun though, in spite of our lack of numbers ;) We cooked chicken and hot dogs on the grill, and ate chips, cole slaw, and potato salad. Everyone showered love on The Squish, and (even though you can't tell because it looks SO cold with all the fallen leaves!) after we went for a quick swim, to cool off {it was almost 100 degrees!} in the lake down the road after dinner.

It was a perfect last picnic of the year.



  1. Oh, it's so good to see your younger sisters and your father again. I do miss your mom's blog. They are all growing up! Time does fly.

    It's so good to see you loving on your little girl. I love seeing the next generation reading to their littles, singing, and loving their children. Family is a blessing.

    Thanks for the pictures. It looks like you had a great time with your family.
    In Him,

  2. So someone got her fair share of attention! Such a cutie she is. I have a few photos of Stephanie at that age, also on a quilt. I can't believe she will soon turn 38!

  3. Hi Kim, I miss my mom's blog too! I keep trying to get her to start blogging again :) The Littles are all getting so big! And it wonderful to see how much they love Adri--now that Wesley and Claire are gone, there is a real lack of small people around here :)

  4. Brenda, yes! She got TONS of lovin' on :) I'm still in shock that Adri's almost four months old--I can't imagine how I'll feel when she's turning 38! lol

  5. Rosie,
    Always love seeing pictures of your family. I also miss your mama's blog. At least we have you and I love your blog also.

    Adri is so beautiful and those eyes!!!


  6. Lovely photos. Adri looks like your younger sibs and nibs. What a cutie.



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