Just a glimpse.

In between a teething baby, lots of work, and mama and Wee One having a cold, we somehow managed to move into the new place. Now all we have left are the fish tanks (all three of them!), and we are totally moved in for real.
The Littles came over to spend the day with me, to the great delight of Squishy, and we have been having a blast. With them keeping the small person happy it even gave me time to whip up some new curtains for the windows.

p.s I'm madly in love with ALL my windows (there are six really tall ones), and all the sunshine this place gets!


  1. Oh my good gravy! Is that your youngest brother in the chair there?? He is getting SO tall! I can't get over how much they have all grown!

    Your place is so nice...I love the wall color and the windows are wonderful! I also love the bookshelves (I am quite the fan of filled bookshelves!). :)

    Your little munchkin is super sweet. :) Thanks for sharing her with us! :)

  2. Hi Rosie,
    Love your new place....it looks so big and cozy. Always love when you share lots of picture.

    Wishing you a blessed weekend,

  3. So big and so much light! Love it! And the pic of you and Squishy :).Christina

  4. Wow look at all those book!!! I think you got me beat!! Have you read them all??
    So glad you are all moved. I know how much work it is to move, even if it is just next door. God bless


  5. she is growing so fast already..
    love the windows with lots of plants..

  6. You've got books, you've got sunshine, and your family to enjoy it all -- what a blessed life! Truly, those windows make a huge difference. 25 years ago our family of seven moved from a little modular house with lots of big windows to a big two-story box of a house with windows on only two sides. There is no way to get the same cheering effect that streaming sunshine provides - I'm grateful we live where we can be outdoors a lot all year.


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