Weekend things.

  • 1. my happy little green jungle in the window.
  • 2. the bluest eyes ever. looking right at me. makes my mama heart almost burst.
  • 3. finally hung up my new frog picture!
  • 4. nana sent the midget a new sun hat--it's a little big but sure looks cute on her.
  • 5. a visit to the pet store for more fish. 
  • 6. a collage I'm making for above Adri's crib. 
  • 7. guess who can roll over for real now?


  1. Her eyes are so beautiful. So, so blue!!

    Always love your posts Rosie.

    Blessings to you!

  2. Rosy, I love your green jungle. I love my garden, but I always kill pot plants. You appear to have special indoor-gardening powers!


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