honest company, our walk, and a new phone.

My sample package arrived from The Honest Company the other day. What fun! Cute little diapers, some vitamin samples, lotions and stuff. I loved everything, but by far my favorite are the diapers! And they fit Posie perfectly (she wears cloth most of the time, but at night and on trips she wears disposables).

We went out for our daily walk this morning and I took along my new phone and got some pictures. Our walk takes us out of town and past a couple dairy farms. Posie loves seeing the cows and chickens! (yes, I know that in the photo those are beef cows...)

The cutest little baby toes, peeking out at me.


  1. Those honest diapers are so cute!! Always love seeing pictures of precious Adri!!

  2. she is so adorable..love the pics..


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