DIY Mugs.

For quite awhile I've seen these do-it-yourself mugs being posted on Pinterest. I've been meaning to give it a try (think: Christmas presents), but with pregnancy, new job, new baby, etc., life got a bit busy. 

But yesterday I finally gave it a try! So, here you have it, in steps 1, 2, and 3 :)

1. Start with a nice, CLEAN white mug/cup.

2. Write (or draw!) whatever, and how much you want on the cup. I went super simple here (as you can see).

3. Place in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. When done remove and let cool.

And there it is! All done and ready to use!


*** you cannot use the regular Sharpies (they will wash away over time). You need the oil-based ones, that you can find here. (although for the sake of trying it out, I did use regular ones).

***if you are left-handed (as is my case), this might not be the project for you--think smearing your hand over permanent marker...on your cup....all. over. If you do manage to make it work, by holding your hand at odd angles (as I did),  you really deserve a medal. 


  1. That is really pretty Rosie. Are you working a lot of hours at the library? I know you must stay so busy. Hugs and blessings!!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I have considered trying this! I like yours!:) Christina

  3. how very clever...have shared on FB on our Down to Earth page as it's is simple and brilliant!
    Congrats on your new baby too btw

  4. Hi Cathy, yes, I'm working, but it's only about 10/12 hours a week, so although I do stay busy, I'm not TOO busy! :)

  5. Sue, thanks for sharing! And thanks for the congratulations :)

  6. That sounds like perfect hours a week. It's so great that you have that balance of being busy, but not too busy.
    You and Adam are such amazing parents and give Adri such a loving, cozy home!!


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