Coffee, a new leather bag, and preparing for a trip.

Adam and I both had to work on Saturday, so we ended up having a super short weekend (pretty much just Sunday to spend time together), we did manage to fit a lot into it though.

First of all. Our poor kitty, Porkchop has seemed to be rather down and out since the arrival of Adri...moping around, and hiding all the time. I decided that he needed a bit more attention, in the form of a new friend, so we went out a brought a new playmate home for him. An adorable, four month old, Maine Coon mix kitty. I named the new little guy Loki and he's super sweet.

We also got a few new fish for the tanks, went to to Barnes and Noble, and then came home and watched episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (gotta love that show!).

I recently found two new blogs that I'm really enjoying: Plain and Joyful Living, and it's the little things. Beautiful photos and writing. 

Oh, and the new bag. I got it a couple weeks ago, for $3.00 at a yard sale. I love it! It works as the perfect diaper bag (when I don't want to take Adri's big one), or book bag--I've been using it all the time. 

As for the trip. On Thursday we are leaving to go to see Adam's dad and (step)mom, spending the night, then driving to New Hampshire to spend the weekend with his mom. It's Adri's first long, overnight trip, so we'll have to see how it goes!

P.S.the About Me page got some editing the other day, for those of you that need a bit more catching up on about us...


  1. Cute bag! Read your about post. Lots of goodness! Have a great trip take lots of pics! Christina

  2. Hi Rosie, I have been enjoying reading your lovely blog this week. Your gorgeous plump baby is everything a baby should be - those adorable shoulders. Is there anything more kissable than baby shoulder blades - well, maybe baby necks..

    I love that we read all the same books:)

    All the best on that long drive with baby Adri.

  3. Rosie is growing so well. What a cutie!

    Loki is a sweet looking cat. Hopefully your other cat will be happier now. I'm wondering if they bother the beta in the fish bowl?

    Happy Tuesday, Rosie!


  4. Your little one is adorable! Yay for the $3 yard sale find!

  5. Enjoy your trip Rosie. Your new kitty is just precious.

    Blessings to you!!

  6. Your bag is beautiful! Good find.
    The little one is growing well!


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