Busy, busy.

1. my sewing nook, overtaken by plants. the next place to be cleared out and deep cleaned.
2. packing like crazy. it's amazing how much more stuff there is to take with a baby coming along!
3.speaking of baby...it's Miss Chubby Cheeks!
4. the cutest, fattest, most adorable little chunky legs :)
5. a nice, clean kitchen--for the first time in weeks!

and now, it's off and away on our weekend adventure.


  1. Have lots of fun! Oh my, but that baby is just precious in all her chub!;)

  2. I came over here from All the Blue Day, and your baby definitely caught my attention - yes, the adorable and kissable chunkiness - I am embarrassed to talk that way about a stranger's baby.....but oh, yes, you did invite me, by putting that wonderful photo up! And the outfit Dear Baby is wearing - did you sew it? It's also so darling. Thank you for brightening my day.

  3. hope youre having a great weekend

  4. Christina, we did have a wonderful time,and now are home and good and tired out! lol

  5. Hi Gretchen,
    Welcome! I always love to hear from new visitors :)
    No, I didn't make Posie's outfit, but it is super cute, isn't it?

    And I love to hear other's appreciating my wee one's cuteness, as well as me-so feel free to comment on it any time :)

  6. Lulu, we did have a fantastic weekend! Thanks!


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