Back from our trip.

We had a perfectly lovely trip. The weather was just right, it was sunny the whole time. Adam and I went kayaking, and swimming. Marianne made us delicious meals. Posie didn't fuss at all on the car rides. We went to Castle in the Clouds on Saturday, and it was so incredibly beautiful.

I took many, many photos, and so I'll let them do all the talking for me.



  1. What a good babe!:) oh your trip looks great! Love the view! Great family shots too! Thankyou for sharing! :) Christina

  2. Your little girl is such a little rosebud!
    I found your blog actually trying to find Eyes of Wonder and I'm so glad to find you. I love all of your beautiful literature and also your way of finding beauty in the normal.

  3. you all look so happy...wonderful pics..


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