Little Miss Adri.

My little teeny tiny baby is not so teeny tiny anymore! Today Squishy turns twelve weeks old today. What an incredible amount of joy this little lady brings us. We just sit and stare at her, wondering how we hit the baby-jackpot ;)

Adri is such a busy little bee. She can roll all around, tries to crawl (with Daddy's help), "talks" all the time, can almost sit up by herself,  loves baths and showers, reading books, watching the fish swim in their tanks, and taking walks (by far that's her favorite!). She even goes to sleep around 9:30 every night, and sleeps until 8:00 the next morning, yay!  (she does wake up a few times to eat, during the night, but then goes right back to sleep...).

My baby looks like Lowly the Worm. Huh. I would have never thought. 

(below) and this is what really happens when you take pictures of a very active three month old...she was rolling all around the bed THE WHOLE time! 

Happy three months, Posie!


  1. She is sweet, sweet, sweet! :) Those blue eyes are just so pretty! So glad you are enjoying your treasure. :)

  2. Oh Rosie....she is so beautiful. What a loving home you and Adam give her. So proud for you guys.

    Blessings to you!!

  3. She's a lovely little girl. Oh, what fun you have to look forward to!

  4. Glorious baby chubbiness and blue wonderful eyes. I cannot honestly see the resemblance to Lowly worm, but the mention of him brought back all the joy of my first Richard Scarry book (Busy, Busy Town) at age 5:)

  5. She is totally gorgeous! I love the little rolls on her arms and legs! ~ M (New Zealand)

  6. A person could do worse than looking like Lowly Worm.



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