Yummy salad, a gift, a cute babe, and more.

I've been rather obsessed with salads lately, now that the weather has warmed up, and have been experimenting with all different combinations. The one below had black beans, cold rice, yellow pepper, onion, and celery in it, with lemon juice and salt and pepper for the dressing.
Our plants have been growing like crazy and have taken over the window sills! 
A wonderful talented and kind friend made Posie the most loveliest of quilts.
Posie has already outgrown a bunch of her newborn duds! Talk about eating like a pig, and growing like a weed! 
And then there are the never ending pictures of the worlds cutest babe ever (ahem. at least in this proud mama's opinion).


  1. Babies are so precious! Lovely days for you, cooking, caring for Posie, working on projects.

    Beautiful life.


  2. She is absolutely darling! :)

  3. Such a beautiful baby, just precious ♡ love her beautiful quilt. Blessings

  4. Your baby is so beautiful! Enjoy these wonderful days! But I am sure you are.

  5. She's unbelievably sweet, little Posie. How I love her.
    And that quilt, it's really gorgeous.
    Such a special gift from dear, lovely elizabeyta.
    To be treasured. Like mine, I'm so thankful for it.
    And her too, dearest friend.
    Can't wait 'til she comes for a visit with us.


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