We've had a wonderful, lazy Saturday, so far. Adam worked. Adri and I took a walk, had a little two-person dance party, watered the plants, washed the laundry, went to the library, and fed the fish. Adam came home and we went out for a while. We found some good yard sale stuff, and ran a few errands.

Now we are home, eating, napping (well, Adri is), and being lazy.

Oh, and Posie has a new fish! It's name is Truly, and is all her own ;)

{below is just a random collection of photos from the past week, that haven't made it to the blog yet...some from my phone, and most of them from Alice}


  1. What a happy Saturday, and a happy babe! :) Christina

  2. Lord she is so adorable...love her cute little dress, so pretty..
    jade plant is so cute, i love jade plants..i have two outside..

  3. Christina, she's so happy! She laughs and giggles all the time :)

  4. Deanna, I love it! It's so wonderful :)

  5. Lulu, we got so many cute outfits as gifts for her. The jade plant I got a year ago and it's grown SO fast! I wish I could have plants outside, but our cold New York winters would kill them :( I guess you live somewhere nice and warm?


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