Up in Wesleytown.

So, yesterday the babe and I took a little trip up to Wesleytown to visit with Mama and the Littles. 
I really wish I had taken more pictures, but we were all pretty busy visiting and having a good time, and kinda forgot about picture taking for a while. However, Mama got some pretty wonderful ones of Posie taking a bath in the Tummy Tub. Posie LOVES going in the bath, and it was the first time she'd been in the Baby Bucket (that's my name for it), and this was no exception. Just look at all that cuteness...

Those toes...

P.S tomorrow I have photos that Sophia took of Posie and me...I realized that I hardly have any of me and my baby. Ha. I guess that's what comes of always being behind the camera.


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures of you and Adri. I know you loved the time with your mama and the littles. Blessings to you Rosie!

  2. you are so in love with sweet posie.
    love this so much.


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