Two months.

This little lady turned two months old today! She's the cutest, busiest, happiest, friendliest little person around. 

Her current list of favorite things includes: long walks, reading books, "talking" (all the time), little dance parties, happy music, riding in the Ergo, the camera (I can already tell, this baby is not camera shy in the least!), and Porkchop (the kitty). 

Not all in that order though.


  1. Precious! She might be very social! The middle picture is soo cute! What a gift! Christina

  2. I love checking your blog for new posts. Hard to believe baby Adri is already 2 months old. She is a little darling.
    Blessings Rosie!!

  3. She is adorable! She has quite the personality, you can tell!


  4. She is just adorable.

    - Nancy

  5. Oh my! Cute as a button! Totally gorgeous. ~Murielle NZ


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