Splashing and sploshing.

Saturday it was SO hot that we went for a little trip to the nearby river and Posie had her first experience with water other than the bathtub :) She really didn't like it at all (it was a bit on the cold side). I went for a swim though, while Adam hung out with her, and panned for gold.

We had a lovely weekend. Found some good books at the book sale, and visited with Wesley, Claire and their Littles yesterday.

I'm drinking coffee, and about to go clean the kitchen. Then we are headed out for our morning walk, and when we return Posie gets her bath and I'll do laundry. 
Oh, I go back  to work today! I'm pretty excited, as I've been missing it. And Adam is excited because it means he and Posie get to hang together for a few hours :)


  1. Great pictures! Her piggies probably got too cold! Lol. Have a good day back! Christina


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