"Just another manic Monday"

For some reason I've had that song stuck in my head and can't get it out. Not sure why, but I do. Especially since it has not been a "manic monday" at all. A rather relaxing one, in fact. I got a lot of cleaning done, Posie took a nap, we both took a nice long walk, went to the library and post office, I read a bit, and now we are waiting for dinner to finish cooking in the oven. 


  1. Oh my, she's beautiful, {precious little treasure}.
    And your home, always, so warm and cozy, so you, Rosie.
    Hug and kiss that sweet baby for her grammy.
    And give my love to dear Adam.
    I'll see you bright and early tomorrow, darlin'.
    So thankful that you're mine. xo

    And in your last post,
    that picture of you and Nalia,
    how it makes me smile.
    Seems like it was such a short while ago!
    How very quickly, the time, it does go.....


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