Our cleaning routine.

It's going to be another hot day here, I can feel it throughout the apartment. Posie is grumping away in her playpen, and I'm quickly going through and picking things up, while drinking coffee.

Cathy asked in a comment the other day if I have a cleaning routine. At first I thought I didn't and then after a bit more thinking I realized that I guess I do have a bit of a method (learned from my mama ;)).

1. I always start in kitchen (since that's the first thing you see when you enter the apartment), and in the kitchen I start with washing the dishes and emptying the sink. Oh, and I'll take meat out to thaw, or put food in the crock-pot for dinner while I'm in there too.

2. Then I go through and clean the bathroom. I only deep clean that once/twice a week, so usually it's just picking up things, and washing the mirror.

3. I clean the livingroom/main room last, picking up stuff, putting away books, and sweeping around things.

The bedroom I pick up later--whenever I get a chance--i.e when Posie takes her nap. Until it's picked up I just close the door and ignore it :)

Once a week (seems like that is mainly on Monday) I deep clean everything...dust, vacuum, mop, wash bathroom, organize clothes, wash windows, clean the fridge out, clean fish tanks, change bedding, and wash the laundry.

And there you have it! Not much, but it seems to work the best for me.

If anybody else has questions, feel free to ask and I'll answer the best that I can :)

p.s. I also wrote another post about my daily routine, here.

p.p.s below is Posie at the book sale/Posie hangin' with her mama (we were experimenting using the camera remote!).


  1. That babe is so cute and healthy too!:) great schedule! It's hard to keep it clean when you have little ones, but you're doing a great job! Christina

  2. Sounds like a good routine to keep your place tidy and enjoyable!

    Rosie is growing so well on that lovely Mama's milk. Such a cutie!


  3. She has the bluest eyes! :) Do you think they will stay? :)

  4. Hi Rosie,
    You are so very sweet to answer my question. Thank you!! I loved reading about your cleaning schedule. I have been using Fly Lady, but love reading how others take care of their home.

    Sure hope your week is going well. Blessings to you,

  5. Deanna, yes, she's getting so big! I can't believe how fast she is growing :)

  6. "they call me mommy", I think they will--Adam has super blue eyes, and mine were blue when I was little (they are green now). At least I hope they stay blue :)

  7. Cathy, You are welcome :) And I love FlyLady too, she has so many good ideas!


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