So far we have slept in late (an amazing feat considering we have a four week old!), drank coffee, watched a bunch of episodes of  Gilmore Girls, went thrift store shopping, bought groceries, read a few books, went for a short walk {before it rained!}, the Wee One took a nap, and we made some yummy stir fry for dinner. 

Adam has this whole coming week off work, and we are making a list of things to do-as in long walks, to-read lists, trips to the library, t.v shows to watch, and good food to make...altogether being totally lazy and taking it easy :) 


  1. Have a great week together relaxing and making memories! Christina

  2. I love seeing pictures of sweet Posie. the one of her with the cat is so sweet! Glad to hear that you all are doing well. XoxoXo - Raquel


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