Two weeks.

I can't believe that already two whole weeks have flown by! Our sweet little lady has already been here for 14 days! Wow. 

Today we had a doctor's appointment and our little piglet has already gained almost a whole pound since birth! She nurses like a champ, sleeps well, smiles, gurgles, chews on her little fist, and has us constantly gazing at her in adoration (as well as the whole, "we-can't-believe-she-is-ours" comments, etc).

It has been hot and muggy here, and I've been so busy I just realized today that June is half-way over! I've been trying to take it easy and just take care of the babe, and just do the basics (house cleaning, and some cooking--although Adam (being my hero, as usual) has been doing almost all the cooking and laundry (yes, I do fully appreciate him!).

We took a little stroll last night and it was so nice to get out (I've only been out about twice since coming home from the hospital) and it was wonderful to get some fresh air--Posie loves being in the wrap and falls asleep right away as soon as I pop her in it :) 

I've been taking pictures like crazy, and here are a few from yesterday, only slightly blurry because she was moving around--but still, super cute, right?

My little burrito baby.

Sleeping beauty.


  1. She is darling! Is that red hair I see or is that just the lighting? My hubby is a red-head and wouldn't you know, I didn't end up with one ginger baby! So glad to hear you are enjoying Posie and that your man is such a great help! Such a blessing that is for a new mama! :)

  2. Yes...she is definitely a cutie. Congratulations.

    Is her name Posie?



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