So happy.

We are still in over-the-moon-baby-love right now.
It's so difficult to believe that she is finally here! She is really one of the best babies ever. She sleeps well, doesn't fuss, and eats like a hearty little pig. All. The. Time.

As for the birth, I don't think it could have been better--I started having contractions on Sunday night around 8:30, finally (after a few hours) figured out that I was in labor for real (I was four days overdue), woke Adam up and we headed out to the hospital, arriving there around 12:30...and our little Miss made her arrival 2:43 on Monday morning! 

Below are pictures from one of her visits from her Grammy, and Auntie Sophia.

P.s be prepared to only see baby pictures here for awhile! ;)


  1. She's perfectly gorgeous! :)

  2. Congratulations!
    She is beautiful!!! :)

  3. She's adorable. Keep the pictures coming please.

  4. Thanks for sharing. So glad you had such a great birthing experience! Enjoy your little june bug.

  5. She is so precious ! I sure don't mind to see her pictures. Again congratulation, with the birth of the first child there's the birth of a new mother as well. So magical.

  6. She is a beauty!

    Love seeing Auntie Sophia. I'm certain Grammy is delighting in this new gift of love to the family!


  7. What a little doll. Yes, keep those pictures coming. We all love seeing them.



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