Settling in.

Right now I'm sitting in my comfy chair (where I have found myself sitting a lot lately), the babe is sleeping on my lap, and we are listening to the rain fall outside. 
I can't believe that already a whole week has flown by, it seems like just yesterday that our little one made her arrival into the world! 

As to be expected, we are still settling into this whole parenting thing... lack of sleep, up at all hours of the night, baby who only wants to nurse 24/7 etc...but she is well worth it and we are enjoying every minute of it :)

Above: where the Wee One and I have been spending a lot of time this past week.

Below: fortifying myself with coffee and Pride and Prejudice.

Above: Happy babe.

Below: yummy lunch.


  1. It's so lovely that you have this relaxing time with your baby.

  2. Such a beautiful little one! I'm praying for every blessing for her and all her family!

  3. She is just beautiful! :)
    I am just so, so happy for you! Such a blessing children are!

  4. Congratulations!! She is absolutely beautiful!!! : )


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