Over the weekend--Father's Day and such stuff.

Boy, talk about a busy weekend! It was fantastic though :).
Adam's parents drove down for the day on Friday (they hadn't seen Posie since the day she was born).We had a wonderful visit, took a bunch of pictures, and I made salad and quiche for dinner.

On Saturday Adam went to see Jurassic World in theaters {a pre-Father's Day treat for him}, he said he loved it, and now wants to go watch it all over again! We also went over to mom and dad's for a short visit...Adam planed some tomato plants in the garden, I visited, and Posie got lots of lovin' from the aunties :)

Sunday, I made calamari for dad and Adam for Father's Day (their favorite food--for both of them), Joe and Mercy came over to hang out for a while in the afternoon, we watched The Bourne Ultimatum, and then Adam, Posie and I all crashed into bed nice and early.

Oh, and we fit in our first little trip out with the Wee One and went to the thrift store here in town--down at the bottom of the post is a picture of the super cute cow plates that I got there.

So, there you have it. Our weekend. With lots of pictures below :)


To smile, or not to smile? Ha. I couldn't decided which picture to post, so I put them both on here. And yes, Adam looks very tired in the first pic--that's because he was ;)


  1. I believe Posie looks like Adam's Dad. . . Or Adam, both of them really. So so over the moon happy for you. XOXOxoxo - Raquel


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