A little bit of sweetness.

All tuckered out after her first visit to the doctor's office. I guess being a baby is hard work...


  1. Being that cute doesn't come easy! ;) Hope all went well at the doctor!

  2. Now if she can just get that sleep rhythm through the night! My daughter slept through the night within a few weeks but my son took months and months to do so. That's why I love to look at newborns but my feelings associated with them have to do with sleep deprivation. ;)

    My daughter says her quiver is full with five children but I know my son and daughter-in-law are hoping to start a family soon. Lots of baby love and I get to sleep through the night! (Notice the fixation with sleep, and the one who didn't let me sleep is now twenty-five years old!) She is such a beautiful baby.

  3. What a precious girl! Glad you are enjoying motherhood so much!



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