Yesterday's visit at Mama's.

A lovely, lazy afternoon spent with Mama and the Littles. I think Spring has finally come to stay and we are soaking up the sunshine! 
Monday morning I had a 37 week sonogram and then a doctors appointment afterwards. Everything is fine-the wee one is nice and healthy, and a tiny little 6 lb.s right now :) I can't believe in just a matter of a few weeks she'll be here! 

After the appointments I went grocery shopping and stocked up for the month. I have been trying to stick to our once a month shopping plan-well, at least the bulk of it. I get all our pantry stuff (condiments, salad dressings, flour, sugar, bread yeast, crackers, peanut butter, oats, cold cereal,  etc.), and any meat and butter (I keep out what I'll use for the week and then freeze the rest for later in the month). The only stuff we really need to buy more of is fruit, veggies, and of course cheese (we both love cheese).

Besides the happy news of lots of sunshine, the other wonderful news is that Wesley and Claire are going to be back in Wesleytown for a whole month! Everyone is more than excited-to say the least! 


  1. Nothing like spending quality time with your mama! What a blessing to be close enough to do so.
    Have a great weekend! Christina

  2. Love your day with your Mama and the littles. They are not very little anymore!

    I smiled when I saw the piano - we have many of the same music books here too.

    Be sure to rest while you can and savor these last few weeks. Posie will be here before you know it!


  3. I like your little wooden animals. Very cute.

  4. What a great idea to buy some of the dairy and freeze it!!! Hmmm...thinking... :) I love your photos!

  5. A feast of beauty as always! Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us. Much love to you, Dear. 💜


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