May weekend.

We had a lovely, busy weekend. On Saturday, Adam and I went over to visit at mom and dad's. While there we soaked up the sunshine, visited, planted a rhododendron bush, and went up the hill, with Mama and the littles, to gather some wild leeks (ramps). We dug up two five gallon pails, and now have been feasting on them-with eggs for breakfast, on top of baked potatoes, in with our pork roast yesterday, and now in our soup for dinner tonight. 

Sunday we slept in, went for a long walk, played Scrabble, and went on a Matrix watching marathon. Later in the afternoon (while Adam stayed home and took a nap), I went with Mom, Dad, and the littles to an event that our local nature center was hosting. I managed to take a bunch of photos, and we had a blast. 

Today is a what I call a perfect day. The sun is shining, and it is nice and warm. I went for my daily walk, and then got a bunch of house work done. Now I'm just relaxing, sipping iced coffee, working on computer stuff, and waiting for Adam to make his way home...

These last two pictures were taken on our way home...just look at this lovely place where we live! 


  1. Beautiful photos! :)

    The Littles aren't so "little" anymore!!! My goodness, your youngest brother sure is getting TALL! How does this happen? ;)

  2. Ahahah I was about commenting as Katy, littles not so little anymore !! Anyways I'm happy you had such a wonderful weekend !

  3. Oh Rosie.... I love all the pictures. So great seeing pictures of your brother and little sisters. Wow...they sure are growing. I love when you share pictures of your family.

    Hope you are feeling well. It's getting close.


  4. Your artistic soul shines through in this blog space, sweet girl. Thank you for welcoming us in to enjoy the beauties!


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