Baby Shower.

This past weekend we traveled up to visit Adam's family, and our friends in Vermont. While we were there Adam's mom {Linda} threw me/us the most beautiful baby shower! Lots of family were there, and many friends. There was the cutest, most adorable (see picture below) cake ever! Tons of good food, and so many wonderful gifts it's taking us two cars to bring everything home!  

Everything was lovely, and we had such a nice visit, probably the last until after Posie is here. Now we are home, Adam is back to work, we have splendid weather (in the high 60's!), I'm busy in the Shop (there are some rather pretty aprons in it right now), and getting ready for baby for real--only six more weeks left!


  1. Looks like a fun baby shower Rosie. So glad you all received many wonderful things.
    I could tell by the name on the cake what you are naming baby the name!!

    Blessings to you,

  2. So sweet! You just radiate happiness! The glow of motherhood!:)


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