Around home.

Things have been busy around here. I've been preparing for Baby's soon-to-be-arrival, cleaning (I've discovered that nesting is a real thing!), writing lots of thank-you cards, knitting (mostly just wash cloths for Posie), and cleaning some more.

The past week was absolutely lovely, and I managed to get out for my walk pretty much every day. However, this week the rain seems to have settled in, and I am not sure that I'll be able to take any walks at all this week. Sigh.

The other night was Adam's and my anniversary. We had a nice little dinner at home (roast chicken, gravy, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw and apple crisp), and afterward watched Exodus-which I was rather disappointed in. It was very slow moving, and didn't pick up until the last 45 minutes (which is not very good, considering it was a two and a half hour movie!).

Today I'm putting chicken in the crock-pot with cream of mushroom soup for dinner, then off to  brave the cold, wet rain, and go to a doctor's appointment, and before that to visit over a Mama and Dad's for a bit. 


  1. So lovely, as always, dear Rosie. I hope your day is very blessed! Kiss that mama of yours for me! xo

  2. Happy anniversary! We've had days of rain, but a few sunny days in between. Nesting is fun. Enjoy your quiet ,and rest alot before baby comes. Christina

  3. Nesting is a lot of fun! I fondly remember those last weeks waiting - impatiently for baby!

    Happy Anniversary!


  4. Happy belated Anniversary. Love all your photos. They are gorgeous.


  5. Happy Anniversary! Nestling is wonderful, it appears by the blog that it comes very naturally to you. Does your Mama invite readers to her blog any longer? I would love to read it again. Thanks.

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Your kitchen looks so lovely and cozy! Isn't walkin in God's creation such sweet therapy?? Lord bless you all :-)! tammy

  7. Ps. I'd love to read your mama's blog again too. She was so encouraging

  8. Your time is getting close Rosie. I know you guys are so happy and excited.
    I love your cozy kitchen.

    Blessings to you!

  9. Your home is lovely hun. Can't wait to see that sweet babe of yours. Take care and God bless ♡


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