On routine.


I never thought of myself as a person that thrived off of routine. That is until about a year/year and a half ago.

Lately, between being pregnant, and (largely due to being pregnant) switching jobs, and now currently not working at all,  I have been stumbling about, trying to find a new routine.

So far, it seems as though the following is working out the best for me.

Adam leaves very early in the morning for work (3:45 am.), so I get up with him and visit for a bit before he leaves.  Then I head back to bed and fall asleep until my alarm goes off at  7:30-8:00 am. I get up, dressed, drink some orange  juice, make a cup of tea, and make my usual breakfast of eggs and toast-or eggs and fried potatoes, depending on my mood.

I'll sit at the table and write out my list for the day. What needs to be done, any errands I have to run, etc.

Finish breakfast, and then start cleaning the house. Sometimes it is just a quick run through, and other times I tackle a big(ger) project. Today was changing sheets and mopping, in addition to the regular things. Oh, and the daily feeding of the fish and kitty ;)

All that is done around 9:00 ish, and then I start on my sewing projects (right now those mainly consists of working on re-stocking the shop). Or knitting projects. I've been working on a terribly cute little bonnet for Posie.

Around lunchtime I stop to eat (I've been trying to eat a nice big salad every day for lunch). Then it's out to run errands. Post office to check the mail. Run to the bank. Visit our little store across the street if there is anything I need for dinner, and then to the library to return books, movies, and do any online stuff.

Yes, so far we have been making the choice to not have internet. It gives us more time to spend together, and we both found that we read far more, and tend to be more creative, when we don't have the World Wide Web calling our names. Anything that needs immediate attention we can always just take care of on our phones.

So...to continue.

Now that it's warmer I've been trying to go for a walk in the afternoon as well-I can't wait for Baby to be here to take with me!
Then, around 3:00/4:00 Adam arrives home-it all depends if he is working overtime or not. I make dinner, and we either play a game (Scrabble is still the favorite!), read, maybe watch a movie, and visit. Usually I work on a knitting project while we are doing one of these things :)

We head to bed early-Adam is usually asleep by 8:30 pm, and if I'm not sleepy, I read til I fall asleep.

So. There you have. My routine. Of course it changes from day to day-if I have a dr.'s appointment, or shopping. And then of course, in just a matter of a couple months, the Wee One's arrival is going to change everything (all for the better, of course)!

However, for now it seems to be working just fine :)

"this is no ordinary thaw-this is Spring!".

"Teach me to feel another's woe, to hide the fault I see, that mercy I show to others, that mercy show to me."


  1. It sounds like a great schedule! Good for you for keeping up with things, and eating healthy! Baby will be here before you know it, and things will change. I know you are excited!:) love the quote.

  2. That wee one will be so precious! Can't wait to see a photo of her.

    I see you are still using the pillowcases I made you, years ago now! I'm glad to see they are holding up well and looking pretty still!


  3. It sure sounds as a lovely way to pace your days. It's a good thing about internet. I wish we made such a choice years ago, I feel it sucks away time and energies, but still once you're hooked it's hard to go back ( and of course multiply it for the members of the family ... )
    Have a lovely weekend !

  4. Rosie,
    I just LOVE this post. It's super fun reading about your daily schedule. Sounds just right to me. I bought your red knit pony from your store and my little grandson loves playing with it.

    Blessings to you!!


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