After the snow.

Well, not quite after. We still have lots of snow, it's just stopped snowing for now. And the cold, well, it's currently above zero right now, and that makes it seem warm.  The snow drifts are all so incredibly high, and everything is so white. It really is a winter wonderland out there. 

We have been hunkering down and trying not to go out much other than for work, with the exception of Valentine's Day-we ventured out in the snow to the city for dinner, had a wonderful time, and came home very full of good food. It was the first time I'd been to Olive Garden (believe it or not!) and it's the best! 

We have been reading a lot. We went to our local library booksale last weekend and got a ton of good books-I was so happy to find some Miss Read books that I didn't have.

Oh, and we've been playing Scrabble. Adam has been consistently winning, and I have been consistently trying to redeem myself and win-at least once.

Other than all that, life has been pretty quiet, just lots of work, for both of us, oh, and a few new fish :) 


  1. We got our first "big" snow of the season here in Virginia. The children are enjoying it, as is the German Shepherd.

    You all are getting pummeled with snow in New England. Surprisingly my mama up in Northern Maine says that they really don't have much snow, just frigid temps.

    Hope you are keeping warm and taking care of the wee one tucked warm within.

  2. So much lovely goodness in this post! Keep warm and enjoy all the blessings! Christina

  3. Oooo...I'm jealous of your Miss Read finds!! :) I'm reading the first Thrush Green right now. :)


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