A bit of January.

“And now let us welcome the New Year,
Full of things that have never been.”

-Rainer Maria Rilke

It’s very, very cold outside right now. The wind has been blowing hard all night, making it even colder.

I’m curled up on the couch; I have a big pot of P.G Tips made, and am sipping on a cup as I type.  Lately I've had a bit of a burst of energy and have been trying to get some deep cleaning done. Today, besides the usual house cleaning and dish washing,  I cleaned the kitchen cupboards out, washed the insides, and then reorganized everything.

Before all the cleaning I took a gigantic turkey we have had thawing for the past few days, slathered it in bacon fat, salt and pepper, added potatoes, onions,  and carrots, and popped everything in the oven. It’s starting to send delicious smells throughout the house.

A bit of exciting news around here—we finally got some fish for our tank {that has been sitting empty for several months}!  We currently have a total of six residents swimming about;  Belinda,  Marshmallow,  Mollie, Dum, Dee and Spot.

Now that all the holiday busyness is over, I’m looking forward to start knitting/ sewing some baby things, and preparing for Baby’s arrival-only 4 more months! Time really is flying by.

Later, I have plans to wander over to the library {what a joy that it is right across the street!}, and order in a stack of books and movies to keep me company as we prepare for the long, cold days of January.


  1. Looks lovely! I hope this means we will be hearing from you more often! I pray for a happy and safe pregnancy for you. What a blessing! Christina

  2. Rosie,
    Just love reading about your days. Sounds so cozy!! Love all your pictures also.
    Blessings to you,

  3. Sounds like you are settling into this pregnant mama thing well, Rosie!

    Do you know the gender? I'm wondering if you'll tell us, in case anyone would like to make a gift.

    Stay warm!


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