Thanksgiving in New England.

We had a whirlwind trip down to New England to celebrate Thanksgiving at Wesley and Claire's. It was wonderful, busy time and almost the whole family was able to be there.
Now we are back and I'm in the middle of all the before-Christmas-hustle and bustle. Presents, baking, decorating, reading, working, shopping, cleaning, wrapping, and making.

Right now I have an afternoon of errands to run, cards to send out, some cooking to do, and we plan on heading over to visit at mom and dad's this afternoon.

So, I leave you to enjoy the photos from our Thanksgiving!


  1. Did Wesley and Claire get a new house? It looks different than before! :)

    Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with family! We did not have a normal meal at all sister gave birth to her third daughter the day before we sure had a lot to be thankful for! :)


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