A Summary Of The Year.

We are currently in Vermont right now, visiting Adam's family. We got here yesterday, will be here today to celebrate with family, and will drive back tomorrow afternoon to spend Christmas Day and eat dinner with the clan in Wesleytown. 

For the first time in years it seems we will have a green Christmas, complete with grass, warm(er) weather, and rain. How exciting! 

This past weekend a friend came to visit from Vermont and a bunch of the siblings came over. We all went and saw The Hobbit, Battle Of The Five Armies together-it was fantastic. The perfect ending to the three movies. 

Our days have been busy finishing up all our last-minute gift shopping, and wrapping. The gifts were piled under the tree until yesterday morning, when we packed almost everything into the car. 

We have finally got bookshelves, and now all the books are up and on them, instead stacked in rows on the floor against the wall! It's rather nice to be able to have the floor space again. 

This has been such a wonderful, crazy,busy year, I still can't believe that it's really truly December, and in a few short days we will be in 2015! 
So much has happened, and there are still so many more things on the horizon. Not only did I meet my wonderful man (that in it's self still amazes me), move three time, try a few new jobs (some of which worked, and some that didn't), take hundreds of pictures, read lots of good books, see a few good movies in the theater {How Train Your Dragon 2, Mockingjay, and The Hobbit}, takes lots of incredibly fun, long, hikes, get a new car, but, most exciting of all...we are expecting a new little arrival to join our family May 28th, 2015! Yes, we can't wait! We are both crazy excited.

I finally dug my sewing machine out from storage, and having been happily sewing away again. I'll be glad when things quiet down a bit and I have even more time for new projects.

And that sums up most {definitely not all}, of our crazy, busy, and happy year of 2014. I'm looking forward to, and can't wait to see what this coming year brings. 


  1. What wonderful news, Rosie. Congratulations to you and Adam. Please give your family my love when you see them later and ask your mother to drop me a line when she has time. xx

    Merry Christmas!

  2. What wonderful news! i followed your mother's blog for a long time and loved it. Now I am following yours. Somehow I missed the arrival of Adam in your life. I am thrilled that you have found each other and thrilled about your new arrival in May.

  3. A little one !! This is quite great news, congratulations

  4. Congratulations! Such exciting news! You are going to be a wonderful mother.

  5. Congrats, so many wonderful thing happening in your life. So excited to follow along. 😃

  6. Rosie,

    For many years my mom and I have been long time followers of your blog and your mother's blog. I am the second oldest of eight children, just turned 20 years old and a Stay At Home Daughter. Every time I visit your blog I always feel so inspired by what you post. I am from the New England area myself, so you just make me feel so proud of where we are from.
    And now that you are going to have a little baby it is just so exciting!! I loved the willow tree of the mama cherishing her baby still wrapped safe in her womb, and your announcement afterwards was so sweet. I am so very excited for both of you guys that God has given you a precious little one to love! You are a strong woman Rosie, and I cannot wait to see more updates on you two and the baby! Congratulations again! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  7. congrats on the new arrival...How awesome...

  8. Rosie,
    So very happy for you and Adam. What a blessing.

    Happy New Year to you all,


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