A bit of catching up.

{Yes, this was written this morning and I'm only just now getting around to posting it!}

I'm sitting here. Preparing to start my day. Well, actually, the day is well on it's way, but for me it's just beginning in earnest (I was already up early and went to my morning job, milking. Now I have the day off work from my second job, meaning my whole afternoon is free).

The sun is tying hard to peep through the clouds this morning, and I'm hoping that it finally bursts through-I have to go out this afternoon, and I would much rather it  were not raining.

In the kitchen I have the left-over chicken from our Sunday dinner bubbling in a pot, and it's well on it's way to being made into some delicious chicken soup. One thing I do always look forward to about autumn is making soups. I love making soup, and other then chilled/ cold ones, they are rather hard to enjoy during the hot summer months.

I also have some pinto beans in the crock-pot (with a bit of onion). I've been wanting some for re-fried beans, and taco soup, but, for some unknown reason, have just been plain lazy ( I'd rather say busy) and haven't.

One of my {many} plans for this afternoon is sitting down and going through my Pinterest, and making my list of Christmas gifts. Usually by this time of year I'm well on my gift-making plans, but, yet again I have been far too, ahem, busy.

Besides working, I've been setting into our new apartment, introducing Adam to River Cottage {and re-watching episodes, thanks to Nicholai loaning all his dvds to us!}, knitting  here and there on some old projects that are way over due to be finished, and reading a bunch, as always.

Oh, and happy news! In just a short few days, Julia arrives home to the states from her travels in Norway! I've been missing her so much and can't wait for her return. If you haven't  been following her travels, you can here. She has tons of fantastic photos!

Now. It's time I was off. I have soup to make, a trip to the post office (to check and send out mail), a list to make, and a bit of shopping as well.


  1. Much love and blessing to you, Rosie. I love, love, love the photos of your new space, and the thought of the cozy soup bubbling away. xo

  2. I look forward to seeing Julia's photos of her trip!

    How is your mother doing? I sure miss her blog!!

    Mrs. C

  3. Wow, your new place looks great. Can't believe it is November already. Enjoy your soups and knitting and all things cozy for winter! I'm thinking that if your new place does not have a fireplace or stove you will be investing in an electric one as I can't imagine you without one!

    Thanks for passing along your sister's site.

    Laura in Va.
    (signed in under my son' Google account as I no longer have one and he is always signed in!)

  4. You certainly are your mother's daughter. The apartment looks so lovely and comfortable. Enjoy your afternoon, Rosie.

  5. Overwhelmed by the honest beauty. xx


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